Squak Mountain State Park

Squak Mountain State Park

visited 2 April 2022

This park is just what the doctor ordered. Literally. I was encouraged to get out and sweat more. Two words come to mind from this hike: unrelentingly up.

I entered this park via the South Mountain Access Road. While shorter in miles, this is definitely not the easy way up. Over the first hour and a half of this hike, I climbed 1670 ft / 509 m.

Mission accomplished?

Oh yes. Definitely sweating.

Oh, and were you thinking you might be rewarded with an amazing view for having done all that climbing? If so, this is not your park.

Behold, the view at the top of Squak Mountain:

I took a different route back down. Among other things, this offered me a chance to see the remains of the Bulitt family cabin (circa 1952). This family donated the land that eventually became this park.

I took the May Valley Loop Trail back to the trailhead where I started.

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