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Mount Pilchuck State Park

Mount Pilchuck State Park

visited 25 July 2021

Miles of boulders to climb over? Miles of man-eating potholes to drive through? One of the most difficult hikes in the State Park system? Sure! Sign me up!

Mount Pilchuck is a difficult hike (just over five miles round trip, 2300’ elevation gain), but oh so worth it.

A word to the wise: This often confuses people, but the parking lot for this hike is on National Forest property, which means you need a National Forest parking pass (or an intergovernmental pass such as the America the Beautiful pass) to park here, not the state Discover Pass.

The actual entrance to the park is about a quarter of a mile’s hike past the parking lot.

I have questions about the structural integrity of this tree:

As you climb up and out of the forest, the views become increasingly inspiring:

The lookout tower.

When we got to the very top (5300’ or a mile in altitude), my knees were giving me the stink eye. I paid attention and opted out of the final scramble up the rocks to the lookout tower, so sadly I have no photos to share of that occasion.

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