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McMicken Island Marine State Park

McMicken Island Marine State Park

visited 31 July 2021

Getting to McMicken Island is half the fun! Once there, you’ll find a quiet island getaway popular with other boaters.

I put in from nearby Joemma Beach State Park, which made for a trip of about three miles each way.

There were what seemed like a lot of jellyfish along the way:

Once on the island, there were a few short hiking trails.

An odd feature of this park is that it does not encompass the entire island. A small section of the island is privately owned. The state does not allow camping in the park; the tents you see are located on the private portion of the island.

Conversely, a part of the park is not located on the island, but rather on the “mainland” of Harstine Island, a short distance to the west.

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