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Tolmie State Park

Tolmie State Park

visited 24 July 2021

For those who live in the South Puget Sound region, Tolmie offers a big back yard: a place to dig for clams or just enjoy the beach. When I visited on a sunny Saturday afternoon, it was very popular.

Parking can be limited at this park, so be prepared.

As I was walking by, I heard one of these kids say, “Look! Look here! It’s a huge crab hotel!”

So adorable!

For those wanting to step away from the madding crowd (raises hand), there is the Four Cedars Trail. A sign at the start of the trail suggests (accurately) that you allow an hour for the hike.

Referred to as “a tree with legs,” this tree likely started growing on the remains of another fallen tree. As the older tree rotted away, the new tree’s root structure remained, but became exposed, revealing the complicated above-ground root structure we see today:

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