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Lincoln Rock State Park

Lincoln Rock State Park

visited 16 July 2022

Some say the rock formation across the Columbia River from this park resembles Abe Lincoln. I don’t quite see that resemblance myself, but – regardless – this park offers some nice views and access to the river itself.

I visited at first light on a summer morning and enjoyed how the orange morning light played out on the rocks across the river.

Not a bad place to have a cabin, right?

Plenty of fishermen were setting out as I was exploring the park:

This park, and a few others in the area, are a product of a partnership between local public hydroelectric utility projects and the State Parks system.

I have to throw in one panorama I enjoy taken on an earlier attempt to visit this park in February 2021. The park is not quite as inspiring in the winter as it is in the summer, so I decided then to save this park for another day.

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