Lake Chelan State Park

Lake Chelan State Park

visited 16 July 2022

Wanna know where the cool kids go to stay cool? In central Washington, it’s Lake Chelan State Park!

When I arrived in mid-afternoon, it was already well into the 90s and the park was bursting at the seams with people enjoying the sandy lake shore and campgrounds.

There are a few hiking trails around the perimiter of the campground if you want to get away from the crowds.

The sprinklers were working overtime to keep people and plants cool.

Be forewarned: On a hot summer day, this park may stop accepting drive-in traffic. There may or may not be some on-the-road parking nearby; it may or may not be OK to park there and walk into the park. I may or may not have done so myself …

(In fairness, I did have a friendly chat with the park ranger who was trying desperately to stay cool himself while shooing non-camping traffic away from the park.)

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