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Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

visited 19 December 2021

This park feels like two parks in one: There is the park with the gentle hiking trails and campgrounds. And then there is the park that serves as launch point for some high-adrenaline kayak adventures.

I started with the part of the park that borders the Green River.

Looks like beavers had some ideas about this tree that didn’t pan out.

I happened on the rapids as a group of friends were starting their adventure down the river. Overheard, as they were carrying their kayaks to the river, “Let’s see what happens!” (Looks like they got off to a fun start.)

So, flush from all that adventure, I set out to check out the hiking trails. I hiked a roughly two-mile loop around the perimeter of the park. Aside from the first bit between the campground and the river launch, I had the trails pretty much to myself:

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