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Yakima Sportsman State Park

Yakima Sportsman State Park

visited 22 May 2021

Who would know this was once a gravel pit? Today, this park is an examplar of wetland restoration, teeming with all manner of birds, beavers, and other wildlife in the midst of the city. A large network of hiking trails winds its way through forest, marsh, ponds, and the Yakima River itself.

So … those signs that keep telling you “this way back to the park?” Yeah, you’re gonna want to observe those …

… because pretty soon the trail starts getting really sketchy:

And then you’re staring down a deer because there aren’t any more humans on the trail.

But if you do continue past the deer, you do get a nice view of the Yakima River. What you don’t get is a way back to the main park, except by backtracking.

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