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Olmstead Place Historical State Park

Olmstead Place Historical State Park

visited 22 May 2021

This park reflects an early chapter of European settlement in Washington: The Olmstead family started this farm in the late 1800s to raise beef and then dairy cattle for sale into the emerging Seattle market.

This park, despite its location immediately next to today’s major east-west interstate highway (I-90), preserves the buildings and farming equipment from a century or more ago.

I visited one evening and then returned the next morning for sunrise pictures.

A short hiking trail follows an irrigation canal on the west edge of the farmstead:

Birds greet the new day.

Alas, the trail was flooded, so I couldn’t complete the loop.

🎵 He’s got an interstate runnin’ through his front yard, You know he thinks he’s got it so good …

I couldn’t help but think of this song kept running through my head as I was touring this park. Anyone else?

Because I was visiting the park at the edges of the day (or maybe because of COVID precautions), I wasn’t able to enter any of the historic buildings. But I could press my camera up against the glass and capture a few glimpses:

That mattress doesn’t look so comfortable!

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