Wallace Falls State Park

Wallace Falls State Park

visited 5 March 2022

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have been blessed by an abundance of rain this winter. When hiking through Wallace Falls State Park, you are constantly reminded of this by the constant sound of rushing water.

This is one of Washington’s most popular state parks. I’ve been by any number of times to see the sign on Highway 2 saying “parking lot full.”

When we hiked the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we were far from alone.

Fellow hikers enjoying an early part of the main trail.

We hiked the Woody Trail from the main park entrance as far as Middle Falls. This trail crosses over the North Fork of the Wallace River and then follows the main part of the Wallace River through its many waterfalls.

Lower Falls
Lower Falls

Middle Falls is the iconic view from this park and very well worth the hike.

Middle Falls
by Lisa Rozmyn

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