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Loomis Lake State Park

Loomis Lake State Park

visited 23 January 2022

The sign that greets you at the parking lot for this park starts with the heading, “So where’s the lake?” And there begins the irony of this park.

Loomis Lake State Park is actually two separate properties: one that includes a narrow slice of ocean shoreline accessible via State Route 103, and another, located on its namesake lake that’s accessible via … Oh never mind. It’s not (yet?) accessible to the public.

So, for now, Loomis Lake is a state park without a lake.

My partner and I explored the short trail from the road to the lakeshore. Here’s what we found on a cool but sunny Sunday afternoon:

For more information:

  • State Parks web site (For extra fun points, this park is not listed on the state parks web site. I found out about it rather by accident by looking at a locally-published map.)

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