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Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park

visited many times 2007 – 2023

The bridge at Deception Pass has to be one of the most-photographed locations in Washington state. It’s easy to see why: The turbulent waters and rugged landscapes create textures not often seen elsewhere. Pair that with sunset colors or foggy weather and it’s just sublime.

I’ve lived in Washington for nearly 20 years and yet had not explored the rest of this park until this year. I was happy to find so much more beyond the iconic photos here.

But first … the bridge. I spent a long weekend here with my friend Peter Hawkins when he came through for a visit in 2007. We had the luck of a colorful sunset one evening and foggy weather the next morning. Here’s what I made of those conditions:

Lost and Unlost

Fast-forward to 2023 and I’m back to explore more deeply. I’ve made time to stay off the bridge and see the rest of the park.

We’ll start at Rosario Beach on the north side of the pass:

On another day, I started with an early-morning trek through Cranberry Lake and the trails on the south side of the pass:

Did I mention the waters were choppy? Watch as this fishing(?) boat fights its way through the waves to the open ocean beyond. (Notice the sailboat rocking back and forth near the end of the video!)

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