Brooks Memorial State Park

Brooks Memorial State Park

visited 22 May 2021

Brooks Memorial State Park offers a chance for a hike in the woods or a game of disc golf. If you get deep enough into the woods, you are rewarded with some panoramic views of Mount Hood.

Let’s start with the short trail loop near the campground.

Just like it says, a big fir tree!

This loop allows you to a explore a sparse forest with wildflowers. In the spring the textures and colors are on full display.

I’ve heard it said that golfers appreciate a course with some good challenges – a worthy opponent, if you will. If so, and especially if that also applies to disc golf, then my hat is off to whoever placed this goal.

Points for creative use of a power line!

That’s the easy hiking loop.

If you have more time, definitely cross the highway and explore the larger set of trails on that side. I had only time for about an hour on trail in that area, but even then I got to sample some of the views I mentioned earlier. I look forward to coming back someday with more time to explore the rest of the park.

Mount Hood is in there somewhere, I swear!

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