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Sequim Bay State Park

Sequim Bay State Park

visited 27 June 2021

Sequim Bay is a popular spot for cyclists, campers, and boaters. This park offers a chance for some short hikes and a quiet getaway on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Olympic Discovery Trail passes through this park. A constant stream of cyclists were passing through.

A few years ago, a bridge was constructed to allow salmon passage. This bridge offers a rare opportunity for those of us who don’t climb trees to experience the forest from high above it.

There is a long rocky beach to explore. I was there at low tide, leaving many barnacle-crusted rocks open to view.

And then there is the brief hike through the ravine (i.e. below the aforementioned high bridge):

As I left the park at roughly 10am, it was already 95°. This is rare for our region as a high temperature and completely unheard of for mid-morning. Driving home, I passed a large group of cyclists on the open and hilly stretches of highway 104. I can’t imagine!

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