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Reed Island State Park

Reed Island State Park

visited 16 May 2021

Reed Island State Park is, as the name might suggest, an island park. It’s a bit east of Portland/Vancouver in a surprisingly quiet part of the Columbia River.

Sadly, my track log for this trip is lost to a software bug, but I put in from Captain William Clark Regional Park and kayaked across the river to Reed Island.

Birdsong dominates the soundscape on the north side of Reed Island.

The official description of the park says that the island is “ringed by a sandy beach.” That was not my experience. I suspect the river level was higher than normal, as most of the island was ringed by flooded forests and grassy marshes.

Had I known that this small slice of the island on the northeast corner was the only sandy beach on the island, I would have gone ashore there:

Instead, I wound up circumnavigating the island in my kayak, which was a delightful trip in itself.

Yours truly, returning to the launch site
Lost in the *cough* reeds

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