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Rasar State Park

Rasar State Park

visited 20 June 2021

Rasar is a compact park on the banks of the Skagit River, but it offers quite a variety of experiences nonetheless.

I started my exploration with a simple hike through the woods, starting near the campgrounds:

… but that quickly gave way to an open field with views of the mountains to the east:

And then there is a long, sandy beach on the Skagit River. Many families were out fishing or playing with their dogs here:

(No people or dogs shown here . I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of people for this project, especially if they’re trying to relax and enjoy the park quietly on their own.)

And then, it’s a quiet walk back through the woods again.

A friend of mine was visiting St. Louis at the time I visited this park. I asked if she were visiting the famous arch (she wasn’t). I sent her this next picture and joked that I was at the Skagit Arch:

For more information:

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