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Kitsap Memorial State Park

Kitsap Memorial State Park

visited 13 February 2021

What a difference a week makes! A week earlier, my daughter and I were kayaking and enjoying the relatively warm weather. For this holiday weekend, I had hoped to drive (solo) to some parks that were farther from home. Alas, the weather had other plans. A heavy snowfall made it unwise to travel long distances, but it also rendered one of my local parks especially interesting.

I started by walking down to the Hood Canal shoreline.

Trail down to the shoreline.
Boulders along the shore wearing their “snow caps.”

Back up on the main land, the Log Hall typically hosts weddings and other fun events. COVID restrictions and the weather conspired to keep it closed when I visited.

The cabins, however, were open, and from what I could tell at a distance, a few intrepid souls were actually staying there!

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