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Kinney Point State Park Property

Kinney Point State Park Property

visited 4 May 2021

This is a park for those with small, beachable watercraft. Like me! I loaded up my kayak and paddled from nearby Indian Island to Kinney Point on a mild spring day. I was treated to a very quiet day on the water and in the woods.

Kinney Point State Park is part of Marrowstone Island, which you can drive to. There are two other state parks on the island, which I’ve previously visited: Fort Flagler and Mystery Bay.

This one is different, though. Kinney Point is surrounded by private property, so there is no access by road.

Kinney Point, as seen from the water nearby

Conveniently, they do offer a parking ramp for visitors:

There is a short hiking trail (maybe a mile at most?) through the park. I never saw another person the entire time.

Little more than birdsong on this trail

Yours truly, on the way back to Indian Island

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