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Hope Island Marine State Park (of Skagit County)

Hope Island Marine State Park (of Skagit County)

visited 19 June 2021

Hope Island State Park is a well-traveled marine state park. When I visited, there were several sailboats anchored just off the island to the north, several other kayakers, and a few people who motored right up onto the shore for a picnic on the beach.

I approached from the north, having just visited Skagit Island State Park. Here is the first clear view of Hope Island:

I circled around the island to the east. I do not recommend following my path unless you are a strong paddler. The currents along the southeast corner of the island are very strong; I managed to get through, but it wasn’t easy.

I found a landing site on the south side of the island and enjoyed the sun for a bit before continuing my route around the island.

I eventually circled around to the north side of the island and found the landing site that is most commonly used. From there, I found a hiking trail that led to a nice view south over the Island.

About the parenthesis on the title: There is another state park named Hope Island in the southern Puget Sound that I visited earlier this year.

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