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Griffiths-Priday State Park

Griffiths-Priday State Park

visited 15 November 2020

I so enjoyed my previous beach park visit that I came back for another on the next weekend opportunity. Griffiths-Priday State Park offers an opportunity to step back and let Mother Nature bathe you in sound and sights.

When I visited, there were “king tides” so the drama of ocean versus land was heightened. The trail along Connor Creek often runs right along the shoreline. I arrived just as the king tide was receding. The ocean often splashed up and over the shore and onto the trail. I met a local resident and park volunteer who was wondering if this would be the day when a part of the trail gave way to the water’s siren song and she would have to build a new trail segment.

Cross a footbridge at the end of a road (I have to wonder when this “closed” road was ever open!) and follow a short trail and you can explore a long, lonely ocean beach. A very few other people were present, but in these times where social distancing is the norm, it was very easy to claim a large section of beach to myself.

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