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Fort Casey Historical State Park

Fort Casey Historical State Park

visited 21 July 2023

Like Fort Worden, which I visited recently, Fort Casey was built as part of our coastal defense system at the turn of the last century.

After World War II, the fort was no longer needed and so it was turned over to the state for use as a park. Today, we can all explore the gun batteries and even a couple of 16-inch guns. They are not original to this fort, but are contemporary of the era.

I visited near sunset, which added fun color and shadow to the scenes.

Fort Casey’s grounds also include the Admiralty Head Lighthouse.

A funny story about this next photo, with which I’ll close this post: As I was walking back from the lighthouse, I spotted this confluence of Mount Rainier and the cannon. I spent a good 10 or 15 minutes experimenting with angles and hoping against hope that the area would eventually be clear of other park visitors.

It happened once, briefly. I got the shot I thought I wanted. But when I came back to review my work later, I found it kind of boring.

Instead I’m sharing the exact photo I had been working so hard to avoid – a photo with people in it. I especially enjoyed this one of a couple and their dogs contemplating the cannon. Hope you enjoy it too!

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