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Flaming Geyser State Park

Flaming Geyser State Park

visited 17 January 2021

Alas, there are no flames. No geyser, either. I’m told that I arrived a bit late for that party. Like several decades too late. But the park did offer a nice hike along the Green River and some fun stories from days of yore.

For a time after the initial well was drilled in the 1910s, flames here would burn as much as 15 feet tall. But with the methane largely exhausted, the geyser is no more.

All is not lost, though. A short hike up Cristy Creek leads to another methane deposit that is still active.

Dubbed Bubbling Geyser, this one has an interesting appearance because the methane exits near the creek and interacts with minerals to create silver-colored stringy deposits that dissipate into the creek.

Cristy Creek is swollen with winter rainfall.
Cristy Creek, eager to merge with the Green River, spills through an area typically used for picnicking.
Putting down roots? Mission accomplished.

This park offers a couple miles of access to the Green River, which sometimes draws adventurous kayakers. With the river beyond its banks and rushing wildly, I thought it best to stay on land this time.

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