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Bridle Trails State Park

Bridle Trails State Park

visited 6 December 2020

This is perhaps less than a favorite park of mine: It’s urban, heavily traveled, and doesn’t offer the iconic views that many other parks in Washington’s system would. That said, it did offer a good opportunity for me to spend a couple of hours with a close friend who lives in Seattle as we walked the perimeter of the park grounds.

I am not currently a city dweller. For those who do live in the city, this is a delightful and convenient retreat. To have easy access to the professional and cultural opportunities that city life provided is a gift. To have the opportunity to walk into nature – combined with those proximate opportunities – is a blessing.

This is called Bridle Trails State Park, but only a few of the visitors we saw in our hour or so in the park were equine; most visitors were on two feet.

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